4 Must Visit Places In Kerala

Munnar, Vagamon, Alleppey, Varkala

Continuing from my previous post. After Goa, I traveled to Kerala. It was my second time in South India. I have explored Karnataka a couple of years ago. I spent about 3 weeks in Kerala. Apart from doing Silent 10-day Vipassana Meditation Course in Kerala, I traveled to 4 places in Kerala and each one of them has something totally different to offer from Forests, Mountains, Beaches, Backwaters. Thanks to its wealth of natural beauty, Kerala is known as God’s own country. These 4 places should be on your list while planning a trip to Kerala. So here’s the 4 Must visit places in Kerala.


Must visit places in Kerala Fort Kochi
Reached Ernakulam Railway Station
Boarding bus to Munnar

Must visit places in Kerala Munnar

Breakfast at a bakery
Must visit places in Kerala Eravikulam National Park
Eravikulam National Park
Must visit places in Kerala Lakkam Waterfall
Lakkam Waterfall
Tea plantation
Do try Kothu Parotta
View from Top station
Must visit places in Kerala top station
Meesapulimala peak behind me
A Town surrounded by tea plantations
Echo Point
Must visit places in Kerala elephant


I took an overnight train from Madgaon in Goa to Ernakulam, Kochi in Kerala. Do visit Fort Kochi in Ernakulam district. It is a beautiful fishing village. I skipped it though due to time constraints. From Ernakulam, I took a local bus for Munnar. It was about 4 hours long ride with numerous stops. Munnar is a famous hill station in Kerala. It is synonymous with tea plantations. Loved walking through tea plantations and sipping piping hot Munnar tea. At Munnar, I really enjoyed eating at bakeries for breakfast. So many options and one is better than the other. Munnar is also dubbed as Kashmir of South. To experience the same, head to Top Station. It takes 90 mins to reach the Top Station viewpoint from Munnar. Top Station technically lies in the state of Tamil Nadu. On the way, I experienced stunning views of tea plantations, lakes, elephants. If you have less time, I recommend you do not miss this stretch to know why Munnar is known as Kashmir of the South. My favourite spot has to be Top Station View Point. It is a really touristic place. To get away from the crowd, take a walk down the hill for the mesmerising view of Meesapulimala Peak. It is the second-highest peak of the Western Ghats. The views are just jaw-dropping. The highest peak in India outside the Himalayas is Anamudi Peak. Group trek expeditions to Anamudi Peak runs from Munnar. Watching elephants on the roadside was really cool experience. It reminds me of the Masai Mara Safari I did in Kenya. Look for the “Elephant Crossing” signboard while driving as sometimes elephants cross the road. Other places of interest in Munnar are Eravikulam National Park, Lakkam Waterfall, Tea Museum, Rose Garden. I stayed at Meencut. 15 minutes drive from Munnar.


On the way to the hostel
Must visit places in Kerala Vagamon
Vagamon Infinity Pool
Must visit places in Kerala Pine Forest
Pine Forest
On the way to next destination


After Munnar, I traveled to Vagamon. Reaching Vagamon was an adventure in itself. I zigzagged my way to Vagamon by public transport and Hitchhiking. I left Munnar in the morning and reached Vagamon just before the sunset. Just my luck, during my 2 nights stay in Vagamon, It rained heavily and non-stop. So it limits my exploration. Vagamon is a smaller hill station and less touristic version of Munnar. Tea plantations are similar between these two towns. The one place that you cannot miss in Vagamon is the Vagamon Infinity Pool (Check on Google Maps). A beautiful forest trail takes you there. There is a small natural pool that flows into a big waterfall and that forms another bigger natural pool. I chilled for an hour in the small natural pool with beautiful views. Paragliding is another famous activity to do in Vagamon. Places to visit in Vagamon are Pine Forest, Vagamon Meadows, Mooppanpara (Suicide Point), Moonmala & Kurisumala hikes.


must visit places in kerala
Public Ferry
Ferry Stop
Must visit places in Kerala Alleppey
Canal in the backwaters
Trying my hand at canoeing
must visit places in kerala Alleppey food
Kerala Meals at Arya Bhavan
must visit places in kerala houseboat
Houses in the Backwaters
Lotus field at Malarikkal
must visit places in kerala Mullakkal
Mullakkal temple


My next destination was Alleppey after Vagamon. I stayed near the beach in Alleppey. It is famous for its backwaters. Alleppey backwaters are spread over 300 sq km. Most people hire houseboats to explore the backwaters of Alleppey but I decided to go another way 🙂 So I explored the backwaters by public transport. Yup! The government-run ferries take you to different parts of the backwaters. It is the best and cheapest way if you are a solo traveler. I explored several backwaters villages i.e. Kainakary, Kumarakom, Nedumudy, Malarikkal. Just get down where you feel like and explore the surroundings by walking. Take another ferry from another ferry stop when you get tired. There are many ferry stops and the frequency of ferries are good if not great. I did Canoeing, hitchhiked and swam in the backwaters. Witnessed beautiful Lotus field in Malarikkal. Loved the experience. Apart from houseboats, Canoeing and public ferries, you can take a ride in a shikara boat or try Kayaking. When in Alleppey, do not miss eating at Arya Bhavan restaurant especially if you are a vegetarian. Apart from backwaters, Places of interest in Alleppey are Alappuzha Beach, Alappuzha Lighthouse, Revi Memorial Museum, Mullakkal temple.


must visit places in kerala Varkala

Coconut plucking
must visit places in kerala varkala north cliff
North Cliff
must visit places in kerala Varkala Aquarium
Varkala Aquarium
Walking Towards Kappil beach
must visit places in kerala Sree Janardana Swami Temple
Sree Janardana Swami Temple
must visit places in kerala varkala beach
Varkala Beach
South Cliff
Kids playing cricket at Aliyirakkm beach
must visit places in Kerala varkala food
Dosa at Kalyani’s Kitchen


The last stop on my Kerala trip was Varkala. A beautiful and quaint beach town. Varkala is one of those places I would like to revisit. After my Silent 10-Day Vipassana Meditation course, I traveled to Varkala. I was maybe not in the right mind-frame to explore it extensively as I would like to do. Varkala is the only town in Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. There are many shops, resorts, restaurants situated on the North and South Cliffs of Varkala and it is what makes it a unique destination. I really enjoyed exploring Varkala by walk. There are cosy labyrinth lanes, Varkala cliff paths, brick boardwalks along the beach. There’s so much to do in and around Varkala. Let’s start with the around the part. Jatayu Earth’s Centre (30 Km from Varkala), Munroe Island (45 Km from Varkala), Ponnumthuruthu Island also known as Golden Island (10 Km from Varkala), Kappil beach (7 km from Varkala). Places of interest in Varkala are Varkala Aquarium, Varkala beach, Varkala Cliffs , Sree Janardana Swami Temple, Perumkulam beach, Edava beach. I stayed near Varkala Aquarium in the North cliff area. Two walks I loved in Varkala was walking towards Kappil beach and to Sree Janardana Swami Temple from Varkala Aquarium. Such beautiful walks. Varkala is also known for surfing. Do try the food at Kalyani’s Kitchen in North Cliff.


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  1. I have only heard of Kerala’s backwaters, but it appears there is a lot more to see and do here. Lovely waterfalls and lake, a beautiful pine forest, great places to eat, temples, and exploring by ferry. How much time do you recommend one stays here to do all of this?

  2. I’d love to know more about your meditation course experience. I’ve heard great things about Kerala and based on this post, it seems a worthy visit! The Varkala Beach and the Kappil Beach both look so peaceful and perfect for some life reflection.

  3. I have read so many great things about Kerala and it is for sure one of the places I want to travel in India. Wandering through the tea planatations in Munnar and drinking and tasting tea here and there sounds fantastic. Also hiring a houseboat in Alleppey would be quite high on my list. And I love the South Indian food.

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful! I love the idea of wandering through tea plantations and seeing elephants more than the idea of paragliding, though I fully acknowledge that this will appeal to some people. I’m definitely up for exploring the backwaters in a houseboat too. That sounds idyllic. So much to see and do in this area!

  5. I am simply wowed by the green spaces in Kerala. I have only been to 3 places and among them Thattekkkad was the most beautiful. Now, your post has given me new goals.

  6. How great to get a view of so many different facets of Kerala. I must admit I would be drawn to the beach areas like Alleppey. And how interesting to explore the backwaters too. Those cliffs in Varkala definitely sound like they would deserve a return visit.

  7. All the places in and around Kerala seem to be well worth exploring. Among these 4, I’m particularly interested in visiting the tea plantation in Munnar and the natural pool in Vagamon. I’m imagining misty mornings, warm tea, and sunrise in these uphill areas.

  8. It looks and sounds like you had quite the adventure. Great tip shared about using backwaters via public transport. Any cost saving ways when your on holiday just allows you to experience a lot more.

  9. Looks like a really beautiful corner of the world. I love the looks of those bakeries and tea plantations. But what a bummer to spend all day getting somewhere only to have it rain during your entire visit!

  10. These four places cover the best of Kerala indeed. A beach, backwaters and a hill station. Alleppey is also, such a cultural delight with all that food and those Kathakali performances. I need to get myself to Varkala – for some reason, that has always got missed out.

  11. It’s amazing how much variety there is in India! I’d love to visit the tea fields, Lakkam Waterfall, the lotus fields, or canoe in the backwater canals. I remember reading about your Vipassana retreat too – that super interesting!

  12. Oh wow! The backwaters look just incredible.. it all does! Thank you so much for sharing your recommendations

  13. Wow! I love all of the spots you stopped at, but I like the waterfalls the most. Those bakery treats also look pretty good, thanks for sharing your adventure with us.