How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico

End Of My Year-Long Travels In Latin America

Alright Folks, this is the last post about my Mexico Trip. Continuing from the previous post. After exploring Puerto Escondido In Oaxaca, I took multiple buses to reach Campeche city in the state of Campeche while passing through the states of Oaxaca, Veracruz, Tabasco. It was my first stop in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico comprises the states of Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. From Cancun in Quintana Roo, I took a flight back to India. Thus, ending my year-long travels and Quarantine in Latin American Countries i.e. Mexico & Colombia. In this post, I will give you guys an idea about How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico!

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Campeche
Malecon de Campeche at night

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Campeche
San Roman Church
Paseo de los Héroes
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Campeche
City centre
Centro Cultural Casa No. 6
Map of Campeche city
Fuerte de San Jose
Light show
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Campeche
Fuerte de San Miguel
Artefacts in the San Miguel museum dating back to Mayan era


After a long bus ride-cum-adventure, I reached the city of Campeche at the time of sunset. After checking into my hostel, I went for a walk along the seashore. There is a path constructed along the seashore known as Malecon de Campeche. It is a waterfront boardwalk perfect for Walking, Jogging, Cycling, witnessing sunset/sunrise. It reminds me of Marine Drive from my home city of Mumbai. There are two forts worth visiting in Campeche city i.e. Fuerte de San Jose and Fuerte de San Miguel. Really liked the museum at Fuerte de San Miguel which gives detailed insight into the Mayan Civilisation. Do not miss exploring the Old town and do catch a laser show on the Malecon de Campeche which takes place every night.

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Merida

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Merida
Monumento a La Patria
Local delights!
G. Palacio Canton

You got to try it!
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Merida



After Campeche, my next stop was Merida. Merida is the beautiful Capital city of the state of Yucatan. It is also the largest city in Yucatan Peninsula. There are many museums to visit in the city like Merida City Museum, Museo de la Cancion, Mayan world museum, Museo Casa Montejo, Museum of anthropology and history etc. Things to do in Merida City are Walk through the beautiful street of Paseo Montejo, visit Plaza Grade, Catch a show at Jose Peon Theatre, Eat & Drink at Mercado San Benito, Horse Carriage ride, Explore the beautiful city centre of Merida. There are two places you can visit as a day trip from Merida i.e. Uxmal and Progreso. Progreso is a small beach town and Uxmal is an ancient Mayan city.

Valladolid Town Centre
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Valladolid
Cenote Zaci
San Servacio church
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Valladolid
Light show at Parque Sisal
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico chicken itoa
Welcome to Chichen Itza
Cenote located in Chichen Itzá
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico chicken itoa
Time to explore Valladolid by bike!
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico cents
Cenote Xkeken
Cenote Tekom


After Merida, I traveled to Valladolid in the state of Yucatan. Love this place! You ask why? Well, I have one word for you: Cenotes! Cenotes are huge natural (very) deep wells. It is fed by the currents of Underground rivers. Best place to go swimming thanks to its warm waters i.e. 24-25ºC. It is a pure wonder of nature and there are many of them in and around Valladolid. I hired a bicycle and explore most of them during the day. Cenote Zaci is the one located right in the middle of Valladolid town. Other cenotes to explore are Cenote Xkeken, Cenote Dzitnup, Cenote Saamal, Cenote Oxman, Cenote Tekom, Cenote Suytun, Cenote SAC AUA, Cenote Xcanche. The entry fee to cenotes varies up to 100 MXN. Visiting Chichen Itza as a day trip from Valladolid is a must. It is one of the new seven wonders of the world. Chichen Itza is a large Mayan city from the pre-Columbian era. There’s a Cenote in Chichen Itza too but one cannot swim there. When in Valladolid, explore this colourful town by walk and do catch a light show at Parque Sisal.

Nightlife of Playa del Carmen
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico playa del carmen
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico playa del carmen
Playa Punta Esmeralda
Parque Los Fundadores
Playa del Carmen beach
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico playa del carmen
Time To Fly 🙂


After exploring the stunning Cenotes of the state of Yucatan, I traveled to the state of Quintana Roo. My first stop was the town of Playa del Carmen. My only motivation to visit this beach town was to do Skydiving. I wrote in detail about my Skydiving experience here. My favourite beach in Playa del Carmen has to be Playa Punta Esmeralda. This secluded beach is quiet and beautiful. Do visit Playa del Carmen beach in the early morning to beat the crowds.


Time to go to Cozumel Island!
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cozumel

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cozumel

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cozumel

Time to explore Cozumel!

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico cozumel

Playa(beach) Chen Rio
My Secret Spot 🙂
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cozumel
My message to the world 🙂
Refreshments along the beachfront
El Cielo beach
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cozumel
Snorkelling time!


Do not miss visiting this absolutely stunning Island of Cozumel if you are visiting Playa del Carmen town. There’s a ferry every couple of hours from the terminal near Parque Los Fundadores in Playa del Carmen to reach Cozumel. One way ticket is 220-250 MXN depending upon which ferry company you choose. The best way to explore Cozumel island is to rent a bike and circle the Island. Loved it! Driving along the seashore was a goosebumps-inducing experience even though I hate driving. There are many beaches, viewpoints, attractions like Mayan ruins, cenote, castle on the way. My secret spot where I spend the most time was a shack on the Playa Bonita. Check the message I wrote on the structure above! Quite recently, I received a DM on my Instagram with the picture of this structure 🙂 The next day, I took a snorkelling tour. We went to several reefs like Colombia Reef, Palancar Reef, Paradise Reef followed by crystal blue waters of El Cielo Beach. Unfortunately, much of the Cozumel reefs have been damaged due to “white syndrome” disease. You can see the Snorkelling video here. Do visit Isla de la Pasion in the north end of Cozumel if you get a chance.

How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cancun
Time to eat at Parque de las Palapas
Playa Delfines beach
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cancun
Chilling under the shade shack 🙂
How To Explore Yucatan Peninsula In Mexico Cancun
Time to head back home!
Almost there 🙂



Alright, so after exploring Cozumel, I traveled to Cancun. My last stop of the Yucatan Peninsula, of Mexico and of my year-long travels in Latin America. I spend quite less time in Cancun. My favourite place in Cancun is Playa Delfines beach. Two reasons: Beautiful white sand beach with amazing blue waters and most importantly, free shade shacks! This should be mandatory at all beaches in my humble opinion 🙂 Things to do in and around Cancun are Visit stunning Xcaret park with underground rivers, explore Hotel Zone, take a ferry to Isla Mujeres Island, Eat street food at Parque de las Palapas.  After exactly one year, I took a flight back to my home country India with many unforgettable memories!

More places to visit in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico: Isla Contoy, Holbox, Mahahual, Bacalar, Tulum, Izamal.

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  1. The Cenote Xkeken looks incredible, were you able to swim in those blue waters? I have never been to Mexico but the colors and landscape looks exactly like what I imagined when thinking about it. A toast to your year long travels coming to an end, and welcome back to India!

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  4. This brings back good memories for me. I traveled the Yucatan a few years ago and want to return. Merida is my second home! Chichen Itza is amazing but very touristy. Still, it’s worth seeing when you’re there.

  5. My first and only experience in Mexico was a stop in Cozumel during a cruise. I’d love to go back and explore more of the country! All these pictures are beautiful.

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  10. Wow a whole year away from home! I’m loving the artifacts in the museum and the photos of Chicken Itza – you look to be very happy.
    All the colours are so vibrant too, it’s incredible how much the light varies around the world. Amazing memories to cherish.

  11. Chichen Itza has surely been on my list for a long time and I would want to travel in Mexico for a long period. Thanks for introducing Yucatan Peninsula and the places to see around. I think I will try to add a few of these to my plan when I am there.

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