Cartagena In Pictures: A Coastal City In Colombia

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Continuing from my previous post. After Minca, I traveled to Cartagena. I spent almost a week in Cartagena before traveling to my next destination and got stuck there for more than 5 months. In this post, I will try to show you, Cartagena, through only pictures and very few words. Hope you like it! Cartagena reminds me of Mumbai in many ways. Coastal city. Check. Old architecture. Check. Hot climate. Check. Stunning Beaches. Check. Average food. Check;)


Reached Cartagena At Night
Castle of San Felipe
Well, similarities don’t end there. There is a building called “Bombay” in Cartagena 😉
Must be saying: “WELCOME TO CARTAGENA” 😉
Local Handicraft Market
Chilling spot
Beautiful architecture in the Old city

Well, a lot of statues!




some more…
The wall surrounding Old city!
Kinda “Marine Drive” of Cartagena

And… even skyline resembles Mumbai’s skyline
And some more…
Oh well…
Taj Mahal Hotel of “Cartagena”. Okay I’ll stop now!


Welcome to “Getsemani”: The hippiest neighbourhood of Cartagena










I guess its enough haha. The whole neighbourhood of Getsemani is full of stunning graffitis. 
A Local Market


One day, I went to the neighbourhood of Bocachica in an Island called “Isla de Tierra Bomba”


There’s a castle!

Another castle
Going back to the city


“Rickshaw” of Colombia
Bustling city of CARTEGANA
Time to hit the beach!


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  1. These photos are incredibly stunning especially the one on the shoreline. I can’t get enough, I can stare at these photos all day and be mesmerized. Thanks for sharing this stuff with us.

  2. Very beautiful pictures of Cartagena. They are all beautiful, but I like the most picturesque paintings and graffiti, with a lot of different colorful motifs. Thank you for sharing with us your moments through pictures from your visit to Cartagena.
    I wish you all the best,

  3. Loved seeing all your pictures! We went to Ecuador many years ago and considered visiting Colombia as well, but did not have time. That being said, a lot of your pictures totally remind of me of Ecuador when it comes to the landscape and architecture.

  4. I’ve not been to Columbia but feel like I have been there now by just looking at the photos. Cartagena is such a beautiful city with so much to see and do there

  5. I have come to appreciate art on buildings. My daughter is a painter and it makes me happy to see such huge forms of expression.

  6. You are very right. Cartagena is similar to Mumbai in many aspects if I go by your pictures! Quite intriguing and interesting. There’s a building named Bombay? Now, that’s very very intriguing. Chilling under the banyan trees, Ice Gola, Colorful buildings and murals street art – everything reminds me of home! A pushcart of mangoes? Wait, what? Are you really saying this is not India??? Hahahaha…

  7. Beautiful images! I love all the street art, that would keep me entertained in itself! A visit to the castle also looks like a lot of fun and a day at the beach sounds just about perfect right now! I love how your images tell the story of Cartagena and they truly inspire me to want to visit, sooner rather than later!

  8. Such a lovely collection of photos! The city looks vibrant and inviting. I would love to visit!

  9. Such great pictures of Cartagena. I love the architecture of houses, colors of the streets. Colombia is still on my dream list. I hope to visit it one day.

  10. Beautiful travel photography! I’ve never been to Cartegena before, but I have heard much about it! Seems like a wonderful place to visit. I love the old architecture and the coastal views.

  11. I have not been to Cartagena but I’ve heard lots of positive things about it. It must have been good to spend some time there to explore. I thought it was very interesting how you likened it to Mumbai.

  12. I love all the bright coloured houses and the art! Looks absolutely amazing!

  13. First of all such amazing pictures. And that is so true, seems so similar to Mumbai and even the colours look very similar. Honestly, I had never heard of Cartagena before. I will add it on my list of places to see,

  14. Cartagena is high on my wishlist since long due to its vibrant culture. I am totally sold out for this place after having a look of that local handicrafts area. I love handicrafts and that too so much colorful one and so this place is for me. Another feature of this place is colorful street art which makes me tempt to visit right now. It looks like colorful street art and narrow streets are calling me.